Our small / BIG StartUp

We are a technological Start-up based in Madrid (Spain) that already operates in more than 6 countries.

The three founding partners created it in 2014 in response to a real need in marketing agencies and providing an ideal solution for experts and professionals in the industry.

We have an internal team of experts in SEM, SEO and Web Analytics and we have more than 10 freelance collaborators around the world.

We love what we do, have breakfast together every day and love to play darts or Xbox in our office in our spare time.

How did SEMminer come about?

SEMminer arose from a real need within a search engine marketing agency.


Day by day, campaign management time on Google Adwords, Yahoo! / Bing Ads, Yandex, etc., barely allowed time to investigate in detail the search results and find out what the competition was doing beyond a few quick searches and Screenshots that will help explain it in front of a client.

Nor, at the time, was there a tool that would show these search results data quickly and clearly. Similarly, in Google Adwords, you only had the data of your SEM accounts, but what happened to all keywords, at any time or day of the week? Who appears more times and in what position? Who dominates the sector by certain categories?


A tool that would do all by yourself. Collect data from the results, ads, brands, density, relevance, visibility index and return the most important information with the detail for days and hours with the help of graphics and exportable tables to mess with all that information.

In 2014, programmers specialized in marketing with experts in SEM and SEO, dedicated hours and hours to improve engine, intelligence of the data, visualization, reporting, formats and we turned it to a SAAS (Software as a service) that we made available Of any user or company. SEMminer, the tool that helps SEM and SEO professionals from more than 6 countries to study more closely the competition, detect strategies of positioning other brands, find investment opportunities, detect incidents, monitor the words of Brand and more.